Ballpark Preferences

General musings about what I like in a ballpark.

– Baseball is meant to be played outdoors, but I don’t have much of a problem with retractable roof stadiums. It is nice to be able to order tickets in advance and not have to worry about a weather postponement. I do have a problem with the roof being closed just because it is under 70 degrees or breezy. Unless it is raining or the temp is below freezing, keep the roof open!

– I prefer stadiums built in the downtown areas of cities, especially when they offer a view of the skyline. Miller Park in Milwaukee gets a pass on this one, because fellow Wisconsinites would have rioted if the stadium wasn’t surrounded by acres of concrete on which to grill huge quantities of sausage.

– In the age of corporate sponsorships, it’s important that teams make sure their identity isn’t lost. Stadiums should be pay more homage to team history and identity and serve slightly less as giant billboards. Props to Comerica Park in Detroit for this one.

– When eating at the ballpark, it’s nice to be able to get quality food from local institutions or establishments rather than typical burgers and hot dogs or fast food. Thumbs up to the Primanti’s in Pittsburgh, thumbs down to the Hardee’s in St. Louis.

– I could do without ridiculous “entertainment” between innings. A play area for kids tucked behind one of the outfield corners? That’s cool. Trying to keep those kids entertained by getting everyone to cheer like hell for animated glove #3 to win the scoreboard race? Bleh.


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