Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (Texas Rangers)

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington feels big. In fact, it is big – with a capacity approaching 50,000. At the same time it is a very comfortable place to see a game – there isn’t a bad seat in the place, it’s easy to move around the entire stadium, and there are plenty of places where you can step away from the game for a while if you so desire.

With a park of this capacity, an initial thought is that the team might have focused design on cramming in as many seats as possible. It’s readily apparent the Rangers didn’t fall into that trap. The concourses are wide enough to allow crowds to move around comfortably; on the upper levels there is room to stand around and eat while looking out over the surrounding scenery (which isn’t much other than the Cowboys’ monstrosity of a stadium right down the road). In the right field corner there is ample room to stand behind the seats and still see the game. In center field there is an area with several picnic tables that are open for all to use as well as an area for small kids to try different  baseball activities. There are plenty of options if you tire of your seat.

One of the distinguishing features of Rangers Ballpark is the multi-story office complex built beyond the outfield fence that dominates the center field area. It is unusual for its all-white appearance but really makes a lot of sense from a design perspective. The Ballpark’s location means there isn’t really a good skyline view to be had, so why not enclose the stadium and make use of the space? It looks a lot better from behind home plate than if you were looking out over the parking lots.

A Tip of the Cap

  • Easy to access, park, and get out after the game
  • Attractive exterior of the stadium with both bricks and glass
  • Fan-friendly design that offers many options for enjoying the game from areas beyond your seat
  • Mist fans in center field to cool off fans (it can be seriously hot, especially in August when I was there)
  • The enclosed nature of the stadium (given there isn’t an external view being lost)

Swing and a Miss

Can’t find anything about the stadium itself that is worth a complaint, so I guess I’ll bring up a minor issue with game presentation…is it necessary to have girls run around with flags after a home run? A little too close to having cheerleaders, which baseball doesn’t need.

Trip to the Mound

Grab seats behind home plate to take in the size of the ballpark and its design for a few innings. Then head out and explore everything Rangers Ballpark has to offer. Views differ significantly from various areas as you move around.

Overall Rating: A

  • Setting (B+): Nothing wrong with the area – feels very comfortable and safe, and getting in and out was very easy. Distance from the city center means there isn’t a signature view from within the ballpark.
  • External Appearance (A-): The structure is not very tall given it’s overall size. The details in the design (bulls, baseballs, etc.) are terrific.
  • Internal Appearance (A): Upon walking in you find yourself just standing around taking in the views. The park is very attractive and appears to have aged very little in over 15 years of operation. The outfield with multiple decks and the office complex in the middle looks nice from behind home plate.
  • Atmosphere (A): All the fans I interacted with seemed like great baseball fans and friendly people. It was an extremely hot August evening yet nobody seemed to notice because they were having too good of a time.

Additional Photos


From Left Field Corner

Third Base Line



View of Right

Evening Sky

Right Field Concourse

Office Complex

Rangers Win!

Main Entrance


View from Left

Left Field Seats

My Dad

Behind Bullpen

Center Complex

Nolan Ryan

Towards Home

Right Field Corner

Home Plate

Upper Level

From Upper Deck

Third Base Dugout

Down the Line

First Base Dugout




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