Target Field (Minnesota Twins)

Yards of Summer exists because I am a self-admitted “venue guy” when it comes to baseball. So with Target Field opening up in Minneapolis, making it there during its inaugural season was a must.

It just so happens that Target Field is the perfect example of how the venue makes all the difference. Any stadium with grass, dirt, and seats would have been a significant upgrade from the Metrodome, but the Twins, Hennepin County, and architect Populous hit a grand slam. Target Field has a lot going for it.

  • It’s architecturally unique and gorgeous, blending classical and modern looks through a combination of limestone, glass, and sharp exterior angles.
  • It’s ideally located, providing great views of the Minneapolis skyline (especially from the third base line) that enhance the connection you feel to the city. Plenty of restaurant and entertainment options are nearby and it’s easy to come and go via the light rail that stops on the east side of the stadium.
  • It’s in the open air, where baseball is meant to be played. We Midwest folk can handle chilliness on April and September nights, plus there are helpful amenities such as heated concourses and the largest canopy in the majors to keep fans comfortable.

All in all, Target Field is modern and sophisticated yet earthy and comfortable – a perfect fit for the Twin Cities.

A Tip of the Cap

    • The Minnesota limestone used extensively throughout the park (a unique departure from traditional brick or concrete).
    • The use of the retro Twins logo in center field (with Minny and Paul shaking hands and lighting up for home runs).
    • The downtown location with terrific views.
    • The tributes to team history, including statues of Kerby Puckett and Harmon Killibrew.
    • A great design that maximizes a relatively small piece of property for a major league stadium.

Swing and a Miss

I need to visit Target Field again soon, under the made up premise of trying to find something I don’t like.

Trip to the Mound

Seats on the third-base line offer the best view of the Minneapolis skyline. Level doesn’t matter all that much, but the lower level provides an impressive view of the towers rising above right field. Before grabbing your seat, get an order of walleye fingers. Where else are you going to get them?

Overall Rating: A+

      • Setting (A+):Easy to get to, visually stunning, and easy to leave. Great use of a tight space.
      • External Appearance (A+):A perfect mix of modern (glass, silver, sharp angles) and traditional (limestone). The park looks terrific as you approach from the south and the view from behind center field is nice as well.
      • Internal Appearance (A): From the continued use of limestone to the pine trees behind the batter’s eye, Target Field is a beautiful park that really feels like it belongs in Minnesota.
      • Atmosphere (A): Large crowds continue to pack Target Field. Fans are enthusiastic and appreciate good baseball. They also maintain a certain level of “Minnesota nice” at all times.

Additional Photos

Southwest Entrance

Kirby Puckett

Exterior Angles


View from Right Field


View from Left Field

View from Home


Left Field Corner

View from Seat


Evening 1

Evening 2


This Way!

Exterior at Night

Harmon Killibrew

Towards Home

Looking Towards Center

Minny and Paul


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