Canal Park (Akron, OH)

Team: Akron Aeros
Affiliate: Cleveland (AA)

Canal Park is located right on Main St. in downtown Akron where it has been quite a success story. Minor League baseball came to Akron in the mid 1990s and the Aeros set numerous Eastern League attendance records in the years to follow; some resulting development (restaurants and entertainment) has occurred around Canal Park. It was easy to grab a bite to eat nearby and then walk over to the ballpark prior to the first pitch for our visit in 2010.

Canal Park is also well designed. It features a single level main seating bowl with a nice concourse above. We picked up tickets in the first row and were able to stretch out with our feet on top of the Aero’s dugout. As with any good downtown stadium, the outfield area is largely open to allow for views of the surrounding city. An added element is that the concession stands and team store on the concourse are built in a dark brick coloring that blends nicely with the buildings behind the right field corner. Finally, the blue seats used throughout the seating bowl are a nice contrast with the other colors in the park.

The food options available seemed varied and looked good, but I didn’t eat much do to having a large dinner beforehand. Game presentation was solid – not too many gimmicks but some fun things for kids. If there is one complaint it would be the scoreboard in center field is relatively small and not very detailed.


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