Dell Diamond (Round Rock, TX)

Team: Round Rock Express
Affiliate: Texas (AA)

Dell Diamond is located in Round Rock which lies just north of Austin (it’s naming rights belong to Dell Computers, the largest employer in Round Rock). While the park lacks dazzling surroundings it also shows that a minor league ballpark can fit in almost anywhere – from urban centers to suburban neighborhoods.

On the outside, Dell Diamond looks shiny and new if not a bit high-tech for its surroundings (but it is named after a computer company after all). Parking is plentiful and it’s easy to get out even with the big crowds that have been plentiful with the park setting attendance records frequently in its first decade of existence.

Dell is a nice ballpark that offers all the comforts one expects from new construction. Comfortable seating, a wide wrap-around concourse, etc. The outfield area offers a wide variety of seating options, from the elevated seats and huge Adirondack chairs underneath in left field to the grass hill behind the center field bullpens and swimming pool in right field. Another noteworthy feature is that the concession areas run perpendicular to the field – no lines form in the concourse to block the flow of traffic around the ballpark (and the food is pretty good too).


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