Fifth Third Field (Toledo, OH)

Team: Toledo Mud Hens
Affiliate: Detroit (AAA)

In 2002, Fifth Third Field became the latest chapter in the storied history of minor league baseball in Toledo. And a beautiful chapter it is. To me, Toledo is one of the Triple Crown of minor league parks (along with Columbus and Indianapolis).

Fifth Third greets you with several distinguishing features on the outside. The main entrance behind home plate features an architecture distinct to a ballpark, blending bricks with aluminum siding and glass. From the outside of the park you can also access The Swamp Shop, a huge team store with an extremely wide assortment of Mud Hens gear. Finally, there is a unique statue of several kids peering into the park titled “Who’s Up? – Depicting a Knothole Gang”.

Once inside, it’s worth heading to left field for batting practice and a unique experience. In addition to trying to simply catch a souvenir, it’s also a modified game of dodge ball as baseballs ricochet wildly off the bricks under the scoreboard. A few balls even made their way into traffic in the street beyond. The main seating bowl offers great site lines, though if you sit towards the back of the lower level you’re view will be slightly obstructed by the upper level. The view beyond the outfield primarily features brick warehouse-looking buildings. You can also walk around freely during the game with the right field corner being a popular place to stand and stretch for an inning or two (it’s also where you access The Swamp Shop). Right field also features an elevated section of seating called The Roost that offers a unique view of the game.


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