Hammons Field (Springfield, MO)

Ballparks 2012 201Team: Springfield Cardinals
Affiliate: St. Louis (AA)

Hammons Field is centrally located in Springfield, Mo. While the city largely lacks a skyline, a large hotel across the street towers behind the main grandstand and beyond the outfield wall are some older-looking buildings that add to the overall view. The stadium itself offers several nice architectural features. These start with the mixture of brick and green steel used extensively in the main entrance behind the plate. Inside the architecture remains impressive, with the suites/press box above the grandstand looking very nice. Other positives are the mix of seat colors (green in lower level, red in the upper level) and the use of trees in the center field batter’s eye.

Hammons is a great park for being able to move around and explore. You can still get a good view of the game from the main concourse and can head to the grassy area down the left field line to stretch out for a few innings. While you can’t walk all the way around in a circle you can get out to center field area with the trees.

I recommend the Redbird Roost in the upper deck along the third base line – this is a multiple-section area that provides “all-you-can-eat” tickets. I was (pleasantly) surprised to find out that the food was set-up buffet style behind the Roost sections – no need to stand in line to get two items at a time like other all-you-can eat tickets. For the most part the food was pretty good.

Front Entrance

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