Huntington Park (Columbus, OH)

Team: Columbus Clippers
Affiliate: Cleveland (AAA)

Huntington Park only just opened in 2009. It appears they learned a lot from all of the other great new ballparks that have opened in the last two decades because the team and developers completely nailed the fan experience. It starts with comfortable seats, an important feature when you’re tall, but then extends out to all other amenities.

One of the best parts of Huntington’s design is the setup of the concession stands. Rather than an endless string of various stands along the front or back of the concourse, Huntington features a small number of very large, rectangular concession stands in the middle of the concourse. This not only improves the flow of people around the park but also keeps you close to the game even when grabbing something to eat. Each stand had a wide variety of food which was quite good.

Huntington Park also does a great job of utilizing outfield space. The left and center field areas feature a large pavilion for milling about and offer a nice team store that’s inside an existing building. There are also a few other specialty concession areas including ice cream and a Tim Horton’s stand (hooray for iced coffee at a ballpark). The right field area is a bit more limited as it constrained by the street, but it does offer a bar-seating type area for anybody that wants to find a spot.

Finally, the aesthetics of the park are wonderful too. The scoreboard in center field is very nice for Triple-A ball; the Huntington Park marquee above the main grandstand looks great without being obnoxious; the dugouts are nicely painted; and displaying the Clippers’ and Indians’ logos together on the brick wall down the third base line is a nice added touch.

Huntington Park sets the bar for Minor League ballparks.


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