Louisville Slugger Field (Louisville, KY)

Team: Louisville Bats
Affiliate: Cincinnati (AAA)

Louisville Slugger Field is in downtown Louisville near the Ohio River. The main entrance to the park consists of a large brick building you can visit prior to the actual gates opening. Inside are ticket windows and several displays dedicated to the history of baseball in Louisville. It’s a grand entrance to one of the Minor Leagues’ larger parks (capacity around 13,000) that opened in 2000.

From inside the views vary – there is a limited view of the city skyline from the outfield, especially from the right field corner. From the main seating areas you get a view of the Interstate 65 bridge rising up beyond the outfield. All seats seem to offer good site lines, including those down the foul lines. The night I visited it was nice to have front row seats near the bullpen to see Aroldis Chapman warm up (before he entered the game and hit 104 on the radar gun).

Louisville Slugger Field includes a full wrap-around concourse for circling the park. This includes a large standing area in left field behind the seats and a pavilion of picnic tables in center field.

One minus was the ushers seemed a bit uptight about letting people into the upper deck. I had a more expensive seat for the lower level but ventured upstairs almost an hour before the game just to snap a few pictures. I was cut off by an usher at the top of the section who said “you can take pictures from here.” That’s a bit paranoid, as I’m not going to magically disappear into the five rows of empty seating and steal somebody’s seat when I have a ticket for the front row. Lighten up on the usher power trip – it looks especially bad in comparison to the friendly staff I’ve encountered throughout the Minor Leagues. Despite this minor annoyance, I would characterize Louisville Slugger Field as a solid Triple-A park.


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