Modern Woodmen Park (Davenport, IA)

Team: Quad City River Bandits
Affiliate: St. Louis (A)

Island baseball in Iowa? It’s possible. On my last visit to the Quad Cities the Mississippi River was past flood stage, leaving Davenport’s Modern Woodmen Park completely surrounded by water (see pictures). But the show must go on, and the River Bandits played anyway. Fans simply had to park a few blocks up the street where things were dry and then enter the park via a temporary wooden walkway above the water. Once inside, fans enjoy a ballpark that is very nice (especially for single-A ball). The stadium itself is quite old but has been upgraded numerous times in recent years.

Like Corpus Christi, the view beyond the right field seats is dominated by a large bridge. Much of the outfield seating consists of a grass berm which is also functional – it has served as a flood barrier to keep the field dry since it was built in the early 2000s. Down the left field line they actually grow corn in homage to Iowa’s agricultural roots, and beyond left field is a view of downtown Davenport.

For a very low price you can get seats in the first few rows behind home plate and have food and drink brought to you. Hang out there for half the game and then take advantage of the opportunity to walk around the entire park and settle on the berm to watch the last few innings. That’s what I plan to do soon when I get back and take more pictures (for some reason I don’t have a lot of them from my last visit).


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