Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium (San Antonio, TX)

Team: San Antonio Missions
Affiliate: San Diego (AA)

Wolff Municipal Stadium holds its own as an older park – it offers a simple, old-time minor league feel (and that is meant in the best way possible). The inside may not be flashy, but the main entrance is somewhat grand and rather unique. The twin bell towers frame the gate and provide a very local feel (looks like parts of the River Walk).

The local focus continues inside with a main scoreboard shaped like the front of The Alamo (hence the team name Missions) and food options heavy with southwest flavor. Seating is comfortable with one main seating bowl around the infield that is divided part way up by a main concourse. The concourse behind the seating is spacious and allows room for standing and still seeing the game. In left field is an open grass area for stretching out.

Where Wolff falls considerably short is in location – it’s set out to the west of downtown San Antonio in a relatively empty area near Lackland Air Force Base. You occasionally get to see a plane coming or going, but you don’t see much else from within the stadium.


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