Victory Field (Indianapolis, IN)

Team: Indianapolis Indians
Affiliate: Pittsburgh (AAA)

Victory Field is one of my favorite ballparks; among minor league parks I’ve visited it gives Huntington Park in Columbus a run for the top spot.

Victory Field’s location on the edge of downtown Indianapolis gives it the best of both worlds – a terrific view of downtown as well as easy access from anywhere in the city (we easily walked from the Crowne Plaza Union Station). The ballpark has two distinct main entrances – one provides access to the outfield concourse through a “Victory Field” arch; the other more grand entrance on the west side provides access on the third-base line. The west side is worth a look even if you decide to eventually enter via the outfield.

The inside of the park is very comfortable. Though roughly 15 years old, Victory Field is incredibly well kept and looks like it just opened. There are two main levels of seating behind the infield with the second level remaining very close to the field and offering the best panoramic view. The view includes a bit of everything with Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the NFL’s Colts) and a power plant beyond the right field corner, the Indy skyline behind center field, and a shiny office building behind left field.

Like most new parks, Victory features a full wrap-around concourse for moving around. There is a lot of room in the outfield including a grass seating area in center field. The view from the left field corner is nice, with the power plant providing a unique backdrop across the way.

Add in a crowd that was into the game and a friendly staff, and Victory Park on an Indy summer night is an essential Minor League experience.


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