Werner Park (Omaha, NE)

Ballparks 2012 420Team: Omaha Storm Chasers
Affiliate: Kansas City (AAA)

The setting for Werner Park definitely differs from the other Omaha ballparks. While the now retired Rosenblatt Stadium (home of minor league baseball and the College World Series) sat atop a hill in a residential area and the new TD Ameritrade Park (College World Series) sparkles downtown, Werner is actually located well out in the suburbs.

Architecturally the park is not imposing – it has a very low profile, even at the main entrance. It also has just one main level of seating and the outfield consists of a grass berm that goes almost from foul pole to foul pole. Just a few seats in the left field corner.

The charm of Werner is that it is a very laid back atmosphere and perfect for those who just like to wonder around the park or have to in order to keep kids entertained. The berm is a great starting point, but the outfield also has a nice area with seats and tables in center field. The concourse around the main seating bowl is plenty wide (room to stand behind home plate and watch the action) and there is a kids area in the left field corner.

Nothing about Werner Park or its location will blow you away (except perhaps the wind), but nothing will disappoint you either. It’s another great place to enjoy baseball for just a few bucks.

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