Coors Field (Colorado Rockies)

Coors Field is one of those parks that is a perfect match for its city and location (similar to Target Field and PNC Park). The harmony starts on the exterior, where the red brick facade fits in perfectly with the numerous renovated warehouses in the surrounding Lower Downtown neighborhood. Approaching on foot, it feels like you just stumble upon a Major League ballpark. Despite that, Coors Field is actually a huge facility with a vast expanse of outfield territory – again perfectly matching a Rocky Mountain city surrounded by vast expanses of open land.

The interior of Coors demonstrates a similar sense of place. In the upper deck is a single row of purple seats (all other seats are green) to mark one mile in elevation. From up there you also get a great view of the Rocky Mountain peaks beyond the left field fence and a fantastic sunset. Beyond the center field fence is the “Rock Pile” which is designed to look like Colorado wilderness complete with pine trees and water.

The seats at Coors are also comfortable, with a steep enough incline to offer enough leg room for tall people like myself. The enormous open area underneath the scoreboard in center field is an inviting place to stand and talk with friends for a few innings; by the time the game nears its end you’ll be hoping for extra innings just to stay a while longer.

A Tip of the Cap

  • Beautiful exterior design featuring a clock tower that matches the LoDo’s main architecture
  • The purple seats marking the “Mile High City”
  • The open area in the outfield for stretching or meeting up with others
  • The Rock Pile that could have looked silly but doesn’t
  • Open views of the Rockies beyond left field

Swing and a Miss

You might have snow in April? Can’t come up with anything else about which to complain.

Trip to the Mound

Upper level seats down the right field line offer a nice view of sunset over the Rockies. Stop for a photo opportunity behind the Rock Pile looking back over the field. Spend some time hanging out in the center field area.

Overall Rating: A+

  • Setting (A+): Coors is a cornerstone of Denver’s rejuvenated Lower Downtown area. Plus, you’re in the Rocky Mountains…how bad can it be?
  • External Appearance (A+): The main entrance to Coors is gorgeous both day and night.
  • Internal Appearance (A): Coors is huge without being obnoxious and internal features are all done well, from the Rock Pile to the seating.
  • Atmosphere (A): Denver appears to be a great sports town overall; the large size of Coors Field is a testament to expected fan support.

Additional Photos

Clock Tower at Night


First Base Line

A Mile High

Right and Center Fields

Rock Pile


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