Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers)

Miller Park. The hardest review for me to write objectively because I’m a Brewers fan and have made many visits to Miller Park. This makes me both inclined to think  highly of the stadium and more likely to be a harsh critic. So here goes…

Miller Park is situated a few miles west of downtown Milwaukee. Though I prefer downtown ballparks, I understand why Miller Park has to be where it is and surrounded by endless parking. We love our tailgating and need room to unpack the car and get the grill set up.

Externally, the park is very attractive from the home plate side of things, with the large fan-shaped roof looking majestic. If you park in the lots to the east of the stadium however, you approach the not-so-pretty corner of the stadium that sort of resembles a huge metal storage shed. There are a series of nice statues around the outside concourse including one of two-time MVP Robin Yount.

Inside, Miller Park is also a relatively attractive park. The concourses on the lower level are very wide and feature numerous concession stands that are in the middle – giving the option to walk more quickly around the outside if you are trying to get to the other side of the stadium. The centered scoreboard in the outfield looks nice from all other parts of the stadium and Bernie Brewer’s chalet is a unique feature in left field. Overall the park is much more attractive when the roof is open and the sun is shining inside.

The Brewers have done a nice job of making Miller Park an increasingly nice place to see a game, as witnessed by drawing over 3 million fans in recent seasons (it helps the Brewers are actually playoff contenders).

A Tip of the Cap

  • The plentiful room for tailgating in the parking areas
  • The recently upgraded scoreboard
  • The statue remembering the workers who tragically lost their lives during construction
  • The blue outfield walls
  • The open area in the right field corner where fans can stand against the railing
  • The singing of Roll Out the Barrel

Swing and a Miss

Here is where I’ll be a little more critical given that Miller Park is my “home” field.

First, when Miller Park opened there were more areas in the outfield where you could stand and take in the game for a few minutes. Those have since been eliminated in favor of “special” seating areas (yeah, yeah, I know, have to generate revenue).

Second, Bernie should slide into a beer mug like he used to at County Stadium. The current water-park theme is a joke. The team is called the Brewers and the stadium is Miller Park…but we wouldn’t want to seem to promote drinking!

Finally, if it isn’t raining, open the roof! Cold weather we can tolerate.

Trip to the Mound

The left field bleachers are surprisingly comfortable (they actually have seat backs); be careful about right field bleachers – if you are too far back you’ll be underneath the second level and won’t be able to track fly balls. And of course, be sure to try all of the various sausages!

Overall Rating: A-

  • Setting (A): The setting is actually not all that great, but it gets a high grade for its uniqueness in accommodating tailgating.
  • External Appearance (B+): The architecture is appealing overall, but there isn’t much use of the Brewers’ colors (why is the roof green?)
  • Internal Appearance (B+): Again, the park is attractive overall but there are a few too many commercialized “sections” in the outfield that take away from the aesthetics.
  • Atmosphere (A): With the Brewers becoming a semi-regular contender, young fans have been flocking to Miller Park. The place really gets electric during a big game.

Additional Photos

Yount, Molitor, Fingers


FSN Wisconsin

Braun Ducks

Solid Game for Aramis

Solid Game for Aramis

Braun at the Plate

Braun at the Plate

Main Entrance

Main Entrance

North Side

Clock Tower

Bud Selig Statue

Bud Selig Statue

Axford Banner - 2012

Axford Banner

J.J. Hardy

Right Field Corner

Left Side of Infield

Braves Display

Braves Display

Bernie's Dugout

Bernie’s Dugout


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