Pohlman Field (Beloit, WI)

Team: Beloit Snappers
Affiliate: Minnesota (A)

Modern new ballparks have been built in numerous Minor League markets over the past few decades. Pohlman Field is more along the lines of what you would think of as a Minor League ballpark prior to that. It’s not new, it’s not flashy, and it’s not in an urban center. It is, however, a pure single-A baseball experience. It feels like a place where professional baseball dreams begin – simple and small.

Highlights of Pohlman Field include the canopy over the grandstand seating which nicely shields fans from the sun during day games, and the party deck in the right field corner. My favorite item was the handwritten lineup on a whiteboard!

The Snappers have discussed the need for a new stadium, and one could definitely breathe life into the franchise and attract bigger crowds (at least in the short term). For now, Pohlman Field serves as a simple home that reminds you of baseball in days gone past. Nothing wrong with that.


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